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Dada was an informal movement during world war I. Dada is the meaning for the word ‘whatever’. The movement was between colonialism and nationalism which they believed was the root cause of the war. They believe that the war started off due to capitalism. They rejected the same things modernism rejected, except in a more political way. The dadaists were formal when like minded artists moved to switzerland which was not involved in any kind of war . Only rich people could afford art so dadaists claimed that art was also a cause of problems. Dada opposed asthetics and everything art stood for. The artwork of dadaists were made to offend people and were stupid or irrelavent. There was just no meaning to their art. They wanted people to hate it. 

Some of the most popular dadaists were – Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, Hugo Ball etc. 

After World War I, 
The artists thought the could move back from Zurich to their countries.
Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ (1917) was just a picture of a urinal. It would have never even been considered art but Duchamp claimed it was. 
If it wasn’t for this painting, things which were never even considered art are now considered art. He was the first conceptual artist. 
Main areas of Dada’s artwork- Collage, Photomontage, Assemblage (3D collage) and readymades like Duchamp’s urinal.

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